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Public Accountant

Public Accountant

Indonesia Eximbank refers to the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 141/PMK.010/2009 concerning the Principles of Management of Indonesian Export Financing Institutions in determining external auditors. The appointment of a public accounting firm and the determination of fees are carried out by the Executive Director upon obtaining approval from the Board of Directors.

The Company’s policy on the procurement for public accounting firm has to undergo the procedure for the procurement of goods and services. Concurrently with that, recommendations from the Audit Committee have to be taken in making such policy. In 2018, Indonesia Eximbank has appointed Purwanto, Suherman & Surja (a member of Ernst & Yung Global) Public Accounting Firm.

Scope of Services Provided by the Public Accounting Firm
The services provided by the KAP included preparation of Indonesia Eximbank financial report and evaluation of the implementation of the Main Performance Indicators (IKU), compliance with legislation reports and Internal Control (PSA 62) and IEPC Loan Reports. The costs incurred for such services amounted to Rp3.4 billion.

Following is the information of the appointed public accounting firm in the past five years:

Year Public Accounting Firm Public Accounting Fee (Rp Million)

Purwanto, Suherman & Surja

Sinarta 1.850

Purwanto, Suherman & Surja

Sinarta 2.175

Purwanto, Suherman & Surja

Yasir 3.037

Purwanto, Suherman & Surja

Danil Setiadi Handaja, CPA 3.402

Purwanto, Suherman & Surja

Danil Setiadi Handaja, CPA 3.400





Annual Report

Indonesia Eximbank's annual reports serve to document, evaluate, and report on institution's progress throughout the years. 

Financial Report

Indonesia Eximbank's yearly financial statements.

Ratification Meeting

Indonesia Eximbank annually holds financial performance ratification meetings to document, evaluate, and report on Indonesia Eximbank's financial progress throughout the years.