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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support national export performances by providing exporters with financing, guarantees, insurance and advisory services.


Indonesia Eximbank offers Export Working Capital and Export Investment Financing based on Islamic banking principles to Indonesian and foreign businesses looking to implement sharia-based practices in their export activities.



Enabling businesses within and outside of Indonesia to obtain Export Working Capital and Export Investment Financing based on Islamic banking principles.



Business entities of legal or non-legal entity status, including individuals, domiciled within or outside Indonesian territory. 



IDR, USD, and other acceptable currencies.



Please submit an application letter and other corresponding documents.

Sharia financing by Indonesia Eximbank is provided under the following akad (contracts):

A sales contract where the buyer and the seller agree on the cost and profit of the items being sold.

Financing based on a partnership agreement between two or more parties for a certain enterprise in which all parties must contribute to funding. Profits are allocated based on an agreed ratio, while any losses are borne according to the parties' respective portion of funds.

Financing based on a partnership agreement between one party, who provides capital, and a second party acting as a manager of the funds. Profits are allocated based on the agreed ratio, while losses are borne entirely by the first party, unless the second party commits a deliberate mistake, violates the agreement, or is negligent in executing their responsibilities.

Financing of preordered goods by paying for them beforehand under agreed conditions.

Financing of preordered and specialized goods under certain criteria and conditions agreed by the buyer (mustashni) and the seller (shani).

Providing loans to a debtor on the condition that the debtor must repay the loan at the agreed deadline.

Availing funds in order to transfer the right to use and reap the benefits of a certain item by transferring the ownership rights of the object in question at the end of the financing period. 

Transferring of debts from one party to another. The burden to repay the debt is placed on the newly appointed debtor.

The appointment of a third party authorized to execute certain duties on behalf of the appointing party.

The guaranteeing of a loan from one party to another, in which the guarantor is obliged to repay the debt owed to the guaranteed.

Please contact Indonesia Eximbank for more information.