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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support national export performances by providing exporters with financing, guarantees, insurance and advisory services.

National Interest Account

Indonesia Eximbank provides export financing for transactions or projects that are commercially difficult to be executed, but deemed important by the Indonesian government to facilitate policies or export programs. These programs may be financed by Indonesia Eximbank through the National Interest Account (NIA).

Indonesia Eximbank has the authority to conduct special assignments from the Indonesian government. These special assignments are aimed to support and facilitate national export programs at the expense of the state. 

Indonesia Eximbank provides NIA financing in the form of export financing, export guarantee, and insurance, directed at export-conducting business enterprises of legal and non-legal entity status (including individuals) looking to export their goods out of Indonesia. These facilities may be provided based on conventional practices or Islamic banking principles.  

Scope and Criteria
Per the Regulation of the Indonesian Finance Ministry No. 134/PMK.08/2015 concerning the Special Assignment for Indonesia Eximbank, Indonesia Eximbank’s NIA financing program is limited to the following sectors;