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Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support national export performances by providing exporters with financing, guarantees, insurance and advisory services.


Kredit Usaha Rakyat Berorientasi Ekspor (KURBE) is an export-oriented credit facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank to export-oriented businesses, including individuals.

The KURBE program is an export-oriented credit facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank, directed especially at export-oriented small to medium-scale enterprises (SMEs). Businesses eligible for the KURBE program receive financing without subsidized guarantee fees or subsidized interest fees. The program is designed to increase the volume of national export and to increase the value of goods produced by export-oriented SMEs by helping businesses gain access to affordable financing.

The KURBE Program is one of Indonesia Eximbank’s efforts to support the Indonesian government’s Economic Policy Package No. IX Year 2016.

The following table may be used as reference concerning the amount of financing a business may be provided with:


Maximum Number of Sales per year

Maximum Amount of Financing


up to IDR 10 million

IDR 5 million
EWCC and/or EIC


> IDR 10 million
IDR 25 million

IDR 25 million
EWCC max. 15 million
EIC max. 10 million


> IDR 25 million
IDR 50 million

IDR 50 million
EWCC max. 25 million
EIC max. 25 million

EWCC refers to Export Working Capital Credit. EIC refers to Export Investment Credit.

Application Procedure
Businesses interested to apply for the KURBE Financing program must submit the following documents:

For more information, please send any inquiries to