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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support national export performances by providing exporters with financing, guarantees, insurance and advisory services.

Coaching Program for New Exporters

The Coaching Program For New Exporters (CPNE) is a special program designed for export-oriented SMEs, where they receive training and intensive coaching assistance from Indonesia Eximbank.

The CPNE is a special program designed for export-oriented SMEs looking to become business exporters. Export-oriented SMEs applying for the program shall first go through a selection process, after which they will receive 1 year of coaching and several specialized modules to equip them with exporting knowledge and skills. Participants of the program may also be facilitated to showcase their business at international exhibitions to boost their business in the global market. The program may be conducted directly and indirectly.

Program Objects :

Program Duration :

Program Procedure :

  1. Submit the registration form & other corresponding documents
  2. assesment by Indonesia Eximbank
  3. Interview
  4. Site visit 
  5. Announcement 

For further Information, please contact our Call Center 1500199