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About Us

General Information

Established in 2009, Indonesia Eximbank is a financial institution under the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Its main objective is to boost national export growth and to assist exporters in expanding their business capacity.

Indonesia Eximbank at a Glance

Indonesia Eximbank is committed to promoting Indonesian exporters as respectful business players with world-class export products and services to the global market.

Indonesia Eximbank provides national export financing services for business enterprises, both legal entities and non-legal entities, including those domiciled within and outside of Indonesian territory. By offering these services, Indonesia Eximbank aims to accelerate Indonesia’s foreign trade growth and increase competitiveness among business agents, while acting as a facilitator in export-focused government policies. 

Indonesia Eximbank continuously increases its funding capacity by issuing bonds and providing third-party loans. Through consistent empowerment and development efforts for SMEs engaging in export activities, Indonesia Eximbank regularly attracts new exporters seeking to expand their businesses. 

To accomodate the needs of business agents all over Indonesia, Indonesia Eximbank currently has a network of 10 (ten) offices located in cities spread throughout Indonesia’s vast string of islands. Apart from our head office in the nation’s capital of Jakarta, Indonesia Eximbank has 3 (three) regional-level offices located in Jakarta, Surabaya & Surakarta, as well as 3 (three) branch offices in Medan, Makassar & Surakarta, also 3 (three) Representative Offices in Batam, Balikpapan, and Denpasar.

To become an Eximbank that is credible and excells in promoting national export with high competitiveness on the global level.


Tasks and Functions

Indonesia Eximbank may conduct training and offer consultation services to banks, financial institutions, exporters and producers of export goods, specifically micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises, as well as consumers’ cooperatives. Other than the services mentioned, Indonesia Eximbank is authorized to conduct programs that supplement their duties and authorities, provided that these programs are not in conflict with the institution’s legal basis, Law No. 2 Year 2009.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the sole organ of Indonesia Eximbank. They are tasked with formulating and establishing policies, in addition to overseeing all of Indonesia Eximbank’s operational activities, which are conducted by the Executive Director. 

Indonesia Eximbank’s initial capital was established at a minimum of IDR 4 trillion, comprising of separated state treasury undivided into shares. At the end of 2017, Indonesia Eximbank received a State Capital Investment of IDR 3,20 trillion from the Indonesian government, consisting of IDR 1 trillion to expand Indonesia Eximbank’s business capacity and IDR 2.20 trillion for the National Interest Account program.

Shareholders Composition
Indonesia Eximbank 100% fully owned by the Government of Republic Indonesia in which the capital are not divided into shares.

Asian Exim Banks Forum
Indonesia Eximbank is an active member of the Asian Exim Banks Forum, a regional cooperation among major Exim Banks located primarily in Asia.

The Asian Exim Banks Forum was first established in 1996 in India at the initiative of the Export-Import Bank of India (Exim India). Current members include Indonesia, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam, with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) being a permanent observer. 

Through its Asian Exim Banks Forum membership, Indonesia Eximbank aims to bridge strong links and initiate continuous cooperation among fellow member institutions. 

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Since its establishment in 2009, Indonesia Eximbank has made continuous progress in fulfilling its mandate of boosting national export. The following are some of our achievements. 

Corporate Culture

Indonesia Eximbank’s code of conduct contains a set of principles abbreviated as APIK. APIK reflects the institution’s core corporate culture, and is aimed at creating an institution built on optimal work ethics, responsibility and productivity. 

Organization Structure

A comprehensive organization structure, along with policies and sufficient SOPs, is one component of Indonesia Eximbank’s risk exposure management.