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Good Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

In conducting their day-to-day duties, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director are directed by a manual, which contains a set of guidelines that they are encouraged to consult to. The manual provides an explanation of Indonesia Eximbank’s structure, roles, and authorities, and contains several provisions on task allocation and work ethic, all tailored specifically to support the Institution’s vision and mision.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Indonesia Eximbank are tasked with formulating and establishing policies within the institution. The Board conducts supervisory duties as overseers of the Executive Director, and may advise the Executive Director in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

One Board System
Indonesia Eximbank employs the One Board System to support and facilitate a fast-moving, flexible organization. The Executive Director, who concurrently heads the Board of Directors as Chairman, is appointed by the Indonesian Finance Minister. To eliminate possibilities of centralized influence, the Chairman of the Board of Directors does not possess the right to vote in board meetings.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Board of Directors are tasked with the following duties, in relation to good corporate governance;

  • Formulating and establishing policies.
  • Ensuring that Good Corporate Governance (GCG) principles are implemented in all levels of institutional activity.
  • Overseeing the actions of the Executive Director and advising them in executing their tasks.
  • Directing, monitoring, and evaluating the execution of basic and strategic policies.
  • Ensuring that all audit findings are followed up and investigated by the Executive Director.
  • Forming committees under the Indonesian Finance Ministry regulations.


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Board of Directors